Hands Free Safety

Hands Safety Tools for Hands free Operation - lifting, guiding, handling and manoeuvring suspended loads and drill pipes. Hand and finger injuries lead the industry’s recordable incidence rates every year. Most of these injuries occur on the rig floor in the “caught between objects” category.

Raah Safety - strives to gain the upper hand in hand and finger safety. Preventing hands and fingers from injuries due to Pinch Points and Crush Points

Our Range Of Hands & Finger Safety Tools

STIFFY USA Push Pull Pole

Safety Hand Tool

OHS U.K Pipe Handling Tools

In the offshore work environment, “Injuries from handling, lifting or carrying” is one the most common type of accident.
Raah International LLC USA - RaahSafety.com offering Hands Free Working of handling and manoeuvring drill pipes and tubulars with Hands Safety Tools.

FingerSaver UK

Protection for your Hands and Fingers

Lifting Aids

Manual Safe Lifting
Raah Safety - Lifting and Handling Aids Manual Handling Aids, Strops, Clamps etc. ideal for use out on site

For any Hands & Finger Safety Tools requirements please do contact

Raah International LLC USA - Sales@raahsafety.com